How to Start a Recharge card Printing Business

How to Start a Recharge card Printing Business

I have written lot of article about recharge card printing businessand many started successfully. I am writing those for those who call me to as question. Am going to list the how to start recharge card printing with a few simple step.
Now, this how am going to do it for quick understanding; I will ask some important question people asked me and I will still give the answers or solution to the questions.
recharge card printing business – One thing you most put in mind is to know that the competition is printing Recharge Card Business or how to start recharge card printing business is very low; I will give you the reasons
Reason No 1. The population of Nigerians using recharge card of all kind of network is very to the extent that some time dealers run out of pin. You will not know what am telling you now because you are not into it yet. But since last year there has been improvement in supplying pins to sub-dealers.
Reason No 2. Some are resigning in the printing business, and when I asked them they tell me that the gain in which the get is small. I will tell you why. This is because the dealers that is supplying pins to some of them cheat them by cutting some of the gain they where suppose to make for them self. For example; Our Dealers sell pin at the rate of N89, N91 for 100 card (depending on the network), N190, N192 for 200 cards (also depending on the network), and so on for 400 card, 500 card, depending on the domination you want. but some dealers don’t sell like that rather they sell N97 -N98, etc.
You can start now to dominate your area if situation the same.
Reason No 3. Most people think and believe that to start recharge card printing it requiries much money. So some don’t even bother to ask. But I stand to tell you that it is not true. With just N11,000 only (Eleven Thousand Naira Only) you can start well. The only thing involve is that the more you invest, the more pins you get for your customers.
Likely Questions on how to start Recharge Card Business;
Question 1. Do you need seminar or one-on-one teaching before starting the printing business? Well you don’t need because this is not a Forex trade where u need the teacher to show you how to buy and sell currency online. Recharge card printing business is more of off-line work in the sense that you can only go online to print out the pins your Dealer has sent to you then you sell to your customers on the price you wish to sale. After making payment for seminar training on how to Start Recharge Card Businesss, some people end up not going into the business because the most important tools (list of , Software and user guide to start up was not giving to them. If you are interested to start all you need to do is make payment for the recharge card Printing packages, then when you get it via email address, you choose one out of the dealers then start ordering (purchasing ) the pin and printing out for sell. It this do you need a one-on-one to teach you?? NO

Question 2. How do you get the package after payment? – The package will be sent to your email which you will provide to Me after payment. As long as your email is still functioning, the package remains save until you personally delete it yourself.
Question 3. How long is it going to take before you get the package after payment? once after you have made payment, within 40mins the package which comprise; Current List of reliable Dealers (which include their office address, phone number, website address and price list of the dealers ), Software, and a user guide
How to Get the packages;
To get the packages, make deposit of N3,000 only (Five Thousand Naira Only) in any of the Banks listed below;
Account number: 0028374407
Then send your Full Name, Email address and teller number to any of the mobile number; 08037332963.As mentioned before that the list of dealers, software and addition of a user guide will be forwarded to you within 40mins via email address.
Once the details are sent to you, all you need to do is to choose one out of the dealers then start purchasing your pins and enjoy the high profit from our dealers.
Materials Needed to start recharge card printing;
If you do not have any recharge card printing machine you need all this below or you can be going to a cyber cafe to print out your Pin for the main time
You need a computer
Printer and A4 paper
Dealers to order for Pins
But if you already have a printing machine then you only need the list of dealers to start purchasing your pins. Note that you still have to make the same payment (N3,000 Only).
You most not be a computer guru before you can start or a graduate. This is business and is open for all interested person.
We are not here to sell ideas rather We are here to link you into recharge card printing business which we enjoying doing as part of occupation.
For more information feel free to call us.

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