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Get a Loan of 500,000 to 1 million without Collateral in Nigeria


Do You Need Capital To Start Your Dream Business?

Do You Need Capital To Grow Or Expand Your Business Idea?
As a Student, Do You Need Money To Finance Your Education?
Do You Need Capital To Invest In Real Estate/Landed Investment?
Do You Need Money To Support Your Business or Career?
If Your Answer Is YES, Then You Are In The Right Place!

And your Loan, Fundraising and Financial problem is solved! It contains Information on;
1. Where to Get Quick Cash for Any Purpose within 1 week of LOAN/GRANT APPLICATION!
2. A 'NO INTEREST ORGANIZATION' That Can Give You Loan for Any Purpose without Collateral.
3. NGOs In Nigeria Who Are Ready To Finance Your Viable Business Plan.
4. Philanthropists in Nigeria and Abroad Who Are Ready To Finance Your Business or Education.
Some Of Them Don't Even Require You To Pay Back The Loan!
5. Government Programs Aimed at assisting The Citizens.
6. How To Get Loan Without Collateral From A Bank.
7. Physical Contacts, Phone Numbers And Email Addresses of Each Of the Loan Givers And Financiers.
8. How To Apply To Them In Order To Be Approved.
9. Phone Numbers Of their Managers or Administrators.
10. A Free Guide to Writing An Irresistible Business Proposal.

Raising capital to start a business here in Nigeria is not that easy as it appears to be. A lot of individuals here in Nigeria, expecially the youths who have one business idea or the other do face the inability to raise capital to boost a business they have nurtured, thought about or wanted to start up. There is no doubt to the fact that it is sometime hard to come by money to launch a new business. In fact, one great hurdle you will have to cross if you are to be in business is raising START-UP CAPITAL. There are many problems confronting entrepreneurs, but the major one is how to raising capital. Since we have come to realise the challenges being faced by our teeming youth population expecially when they graduated from the institution and having looked for job and couldnt see, the ones they see atimes, they are told to pay for one fee or the other to get the job. If you are here because of LOAN/GRANT to start up a  business, then fasten your sit belt and get ready to learn HOW TO GET A LOAN WITHOUT COLLATERAL. YES, you can get a loan without collateral, but to approach a NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION, to approve of your loan borrowing without asking you one or two questions about THE NATURE OF THE BUSINESS YOU WANT TO VENTURE IN, THE AMOUNT YOU WOULD WANT TO BE GIVEN, THE VIABILITY OF THIS BUSINESS (THAT IS HOW LONG THIS BUSINESS CAN SURVIVE?), YOUR IDENTITY/CREDIBILITY AND TRUST, GUARANTOR etc

To start with, you ought to know how to write a BUSINESS PLAN/PROPOSAL for your business before you can decide to take the BOLD step in meeting the LENDER. We have compiled and listed all the lenders, Co-operatives societies, Non-Governmental organisations, Micro-Finance Banks, Rich Individuals who are loan/grants givers in Nigeria.




We are helping Nigerians to get Loans for any purpose. This is a once in a life time opportunity to be honest, serious and responsible Nigerians who are looking for business capital or money for other legitimate purposes. Why not stop looking for loan where you are given impossible requirements?
Join the next set of Nigerians to get Loans without collateral. As of this moment, many Loans have been granted already to finance different categories of business just from one of these firms. You can pay back little by little, in installments, within a period of one to two years or even three.
As a matter of fact, you can get over 5 Million Naira Loan or More in your subsequent application; if you have paid the first loan faithfully. People applying for house/property loans can get much bigger loans.

Do you really want to make it big this year? Are you actually looking for money to start a business this year? If yes then get THE INSTANT LOAN KIT!
We have put together a comprehensive kit about these great and outstanding organizations, financiers and loan givers here in Nigeria that can assist enterprising Nigerians who want to do business and those that need money for other pressing needs. They will assist you with a Loan without collateral to kick start your own business or solve your problem.

This is surely an open door to Unlimited Wealth. The Loan kit used to be sold at N5000, is now slashed down to N3000 naira and it comes with a free bonus material on how to write a GOOD WINNING PROPOSAL/BUSINESS PLAN that will convince your LENDERS.  If you have further questions, you can add us ON BBM: 560AB460, OR ON WHATSAPP VIA 08037332963.

If you are interested in getting the LOAN KIT GUIDE, kindly pay the sum of N3,000 naira to any of the bank details listed below:






ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0152365872.




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0028374407.







Domain Registration

Do you wish to register a domain name with a Nigerian domain extension such as .ng, and other universal domain name extensions like .com, .net, .org, .tv, .edu. We have team of experts to help you register a domain name that will suite your company name, business name and what your business stands for. Place a quote on our website today for a domain name registration, specifically inform us the domain name of choice and the extension associated with it, we shall verify if such domain name hasn’t been registered before, if it has then we shall advice you on a similar name to register that is free.

Domains we register are from one year and above, whereas in some cases a client can request for 2-3 years domain registration, we ask you to place a request today.
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How to Start a Recharge card Printing Business

I have written lot of article about recharge card printing businessand many started successfully. I am writing those for those who call me to as question. Am going to list the how to start recharge card printing with a few simple step.
Now, this how am going to do it for quick understanding; I will ask some important question people asked me and I will still give the answers or solution to the questions.
recharge card printing business – One thing you most put in mind is to know that the competition is printing Recharge Card Business or how to start recharge card printing business is very low; I will give you the reasons
Reason No 1. The population of Nigerians using recharge card of all kind of network is very to the extent that some time dealers run out of pin. You will not know what am telling you now because you are not into it yet. But since last year there has been improvement in supplying pins to sub-dealers.
Reason No 2. Some are resigning in the printing business, and when I asked them they tell me that the gain in which the get is small. I will tell you why. This is because the dealers that is supplying pins to some of them cheat them by cutting some of the gain they where suppose to make for them self. For example; Our Dealers sell pin at the rate of N89, N91 for 100 card (depending on the network), N190, N192 for 200 cards (also depending on the network), and so on for 400 card, 500 card, depending on the domination you want. but some dealers don’t sell like that rather they sell N97 -N98, etc.
You can start now to dominate your area if situation the same.
Reason No 3. Most people think and believe that to start recharge card printing it requiries much money. So some don’t even bother to ask. But I stand to tell you that it is not true. With just N11,000 only (Eleven Thousand Naira Only) you can start well. The only thing involve is that the more you invest, the more pins you get for your customers.
Likely Questions on how to start Recharge Card Business;
Question 1. Do you need seminar or one-on-one teaching before starting the printing business? Well you don’t need because this is not a Forex trade where u need the teacher to show you how to buy and sell currency online. Recharge card printing business is more of off-line work in the sense that you can only go online to print out the pins your Dealer has sent to you then you sell to your customers on the price you wish to sale. After making payment for seminar training on how to Start Recharge Card Businesss, some people end up not going into the business because the most important tools (list of , Software and user guide to start up was not giving to them. If you are interested to start all you need to do is make payment for the recharge card Printing packages, then when you get it via email address, you choose one out of the dealers then start ordering (purchasing ) the pin and printing out for sell. It this do you need a one-on-one to teach you?? NO

Question 2. How do you get the package after payment? – The package will be sent to your email which you will provide to Me after payment. As long as your email is still functioning, the package remains save until you personally delete it yourself.
Question 3. How long is it going to take before you get the package after payment? once after you have made payment, within 40mins the package which comprise; Current List of reliable Dealers (which include their office address, phone number, website address and price list of the dealers ), Software, and a user guide
How to Get the packages;
To get the packages, make deposit of N3,000 only (Five Thousand Naira Only) in any of the Banks listed below;
Account number: 0028374407
Then send your Full Name, Email address and teller number to any of the mobile number; 08037332963.As mentioned before that the list of dealers, software and addition of a user guide will be forwarded to you within 40mins via email address.
Once the details are sent to you, all you need to do is to choose one out of the dealers then start purchasing your pins and enjoy the high profit from our dealers.
Materials Needed to start recharge card printing;
If you do not have any recharge card printing machine you need all this below or you can be going to a cyber cafe to print out your Pin for the main time
You need a computer
Printer and A4 paper
Dealers to order for Pins
But if you already have a printing machine then you only need the list of dealers to start purchasing your pins. Note that you still have to make the same payment (N3,000 Only).
You most not be a computer guru before you can start or a graduate. This is business and is open for all interested person.
We are not here to sell ideas rather We are here to link you into recharge card printing business which we enjoying doing as part of occupation.
For more information feel free to call us.

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Mobile Application Development

We develop and build responsive web applications that are mobile compatible. Our web apps can run on Android phones, black berry and other smart phones. We build with different technologies such as java, php, jquery, css, html, ajax, angular js, javascript, c# and other various of technologies we combine with. Our team of developers are highly experienced to meet our clients demand and our projects are scalable. You can request for a project to be built for you through our quote form. Once we get your request, our team of developer shall swing into action to get your project developed and on time. – See more at:

How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business

Google has generated plenty of buzz with its cloud-based office suite. Here’s the rundown on its features and how you can use them to upgrade your company.
While cloud computing isn’t exactly a new concept, Google Apps has certainly refined the technology so that businesses everywhere can take advantage of its speed, accessibility and storage. The Google Apps suite, which includes such popular trademarks such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs, can make the workflow among your employees more fluid, and even provide better methods of interacting with clients and customers. The following guide will highlight the reasons and ways for you to implement Google Apps to improve the operations of your company.
How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business: Why Use Google Apps?

One of the immediate benefits that Google Apps for businesses has over traditional desktop software, such as Microsoft Office, is cost-effectiveness. The Google Apps suite includes an unlimited number of user accounts, access to all of Google’s applications, 25 GB of e-mail storage per employee, 24/7 customer support, and a 99.9 percent network uptime guarantee. (There’s also a free version with a limited amount of network security and user accounts, as well as less apps and storage.) Compared to most business and IT software, which often come with a capped number of licenses per purchase (not to mention required external servers to host the system), Google Apps might just be the key to squeezing a couple of extra dimes from your budget.
How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business: Streamlining Internal Communication with Gmail

When Gmail first arrived on the scene, the personal e-mail client was lauded for its seemingly bottomless storage capacity and lightning-fast inbox search capabilities. But with the integration of Google Apps, many of Gmail’s functions work just as efficiently for businesses. Again, one of the most beneficial characteristics of Gmail is the cloud factor � since there’s no cumbersome software to worry about, Gmail is accessible to your employees from anywhere, without having to download contacts or messages into devices.
“One of the great things about Gmail is that it’s browser based,” says Wyrick. “We connect through our phones and IMAP clients. It’s that ability to not have to say, ‘here’s your installation of Outlook.'”
Gmail’s threaded conversations also helps to simplify messages among colleagues. For example, if multiple parties are CC’d in an e-mail, or if multiple e-mails have the same subject line, all of those messages are grouped together with each new e-mail sent, sitting perfectly at the top of your inbox and eliminating the hassle of having to check previous messages.
Also, every office environment should have a method for sending quick, by-the-minute messages, and Gmail’s answer is Google Chat, which is built directly into the interface of the inbox. “We’ve really reduced the need for our internal telephony system,” says Wyrick about Raidious’ use of the messenger. The chat feature also has a video conferencing component that can be useful when colleagues and employees need to correspond from remote locations.
While Gmail is a great e-mail client, Wyrick recommends assigning multiple account administrators for your shared business account. “Once you’re signed up, you never want to have all your eggs in one basket,” he says. “Some day you’re going to need to do something when that administrator isn’t available.”
Dig Deeper: Don’t Ever Pay for Email Hosting Again
How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business: Syncing Meetings and Events through Google Calendar

Depending on your type of business, scheduling appointments can be a real headache. A few employees (or, only one) are usually responsible for tracking and relaying dates and times, a method that is conducive to slip-ups and missed meetings. With Google Calendar, multiple employees can post events on a single calendar that the entire company can access and edit accordingly. Additionally, these calendars can be color-coded so that the viewer is made aware of changes to appointments. Administrators can also set permissions to calendars, so that only certain employees can see or edit items.
Greg Cross, founder of Cross Creative, a Greenfield, Indiana-based digital marketing company, says he recently encouraged one of his major clients to adopt Google Calendar to help sort and protect appointments. “[He] owns a counseling center, and he came to me and said, ‘We’ve got four counselors and we’re looking for a way that our clients can schedule appointments online and keep them private,'” says Cross. “You can set it so that it won’t show that you’re having a counseling session with ‘John Doe’ on depression.”
Another useful feature of Google Calendar is the ability to create events through Gmail. When you add an employee’s e-mail address to an event on the calendar, the employee is sent an invitation to confirm his or her attendance. After confirming, each employee can view and add notes to the event.
Dig Deeper: Tech Talk: Ad Agency Migrates to Web App
How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business: Improving Collaboration and Project Management with Google Docs
Google Docs is an application that allows multiple users to create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets � all on the Web. Usually, coworkers share documents by e-mailing attachments to one another, which often results in incorrect file versions and scattered, misplaced copies. With Google Docs, the file is edited in the cloud, where revisions are saved and recovered automatically.
Like most of the other Google Apps, administrators can set permissions in Google Docs so that only certain workers are allowed to view and share files. Another convenient feature is the ability to export the documents into different types of file extensions, which can be helpful in those times when a client or customer needs a PDF file ASAP.
“I use Google Docs internally,” says Cross. “I have a graphic designer that works only part time, so I post estimates and client proposals there.” Using Google Docs to edit other common files such as itineraries, newsletters and articles can help resolve common issues that arise among employees when collaborating on projects.
As useful as Google Docs has been to many business owners, Wyrick of Raidious says that one thing to keep in mind is the fact that the people on your staff will have varying degrees of computer skills. So, if and when you do implement Google Docs for creating and editing your most important files, Wyrick says, it maybe helpful to designate a project champion who understands the application.
“There might be some users that will be less excited about the changes,” says Wyrick. He also advises newcomers to frequent the help guide on the Google Apps site.
Dig Deeper: 10 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Technology
How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business: Sharing Company Knowledge with Google Sites
Google Sites is a basic site-building tool that companies can use to create a private intranet hub of information for employees, or even a public domain that serves as the face of your business. Google Sites allows you to import information from other apps, such as your appointment calendar or standard client forms, and post it to your site for employees or customers to have easy access to.
“Google Sites is like a wiki system,” says Hayes, who uses the application so that he and his business partner in Denmark can keep track of company projects, ideas and contractors. “I have sections set up for competitors’ ideas we want to improve, and even problems we want to fix within our business.”
You can designate only certain employees to have administrative capabilities, i.e. editing and posting site information, or grant access to your entire team (especially if you’re operating with a tightly-knit staff).
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How to Use Google Apps to Run Your Business: Finding Additional Resources in the Google Apps Marketplace
If the applications made exclusively by Google don’t fulfill all of your needs, don’t forget to check out the Google Apps Marketplace, where you can find plenty of third-party apps � some for free � which serve a variety of functions and integrate with the other standard apps. Intuit Online Payroll, for example, enables you to pay employees directly from Google Calendar and provide them online access to paystubs. Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management tool that helps improve client interaction in a number of ways, such as tracking and sorting e-mail conversations.
To augment Google Calendar’s capabilities, Greg Cross of Cross Creative uses, an app that allows members to publish public schedules, accept appointment requests and reduce double-bookings. “It really helps mainstream my workflow,” says Cross. “When the person confirms the appointment, it goes on my [Google] calendar, and I’m alerted on my phone. So between the collaboration of those two features, it works great for me.”
According to Cross, Google Apps for businesses is quickly becoming a necessity and less of a neat product to try. The interoperability of the apps, along with the accessibility of the cloud, he says, provide many people the opportunity to leverage office technology efficiently for the first time. “It will be interesting to see how other software companies survive going forward, because Web-based apps are more than just a fad,” says Cross. “It’s not the ‘wave of the future’ � it’s right now.”
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Shopping Cart Website

Are you interested in running an online shop, where your customers can add their products to a cart? Do you want a website where you can display all your products and let your buyers view all your products all in your web application, if yes, then we can help you out with such a website. Our shopping cart websites are fully integrated with online payment gateways so that customers can pay you online when they purchase a product of their choice.

However, customers can pay in dollars, pounds, naira and other currency. Language translation is also part of it, as language isn’t a barrier. Your customer can translate to the language of his/her choice for easier accessibility.

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How to start Mini Importation Business here in Nigeria

-Do you want to start Importation business, we now have a handout that will teach and show you how you can become an importer here in Nigeria with low capital. In our guide, u would be shown trusted companies you can order products from and get the products within 2 weeks of purchase even with free shipping.
-Do you wish to start recharge card printing business? And U don’t know how to start? Our manual guide will outline the steps involved on how to become a distributor and also how to get that recharge card printing machine as well.
-You have heard so much about making money online from some websites, anyway, we have tested and trusted way to make money online from Fiverr and forex manual guides. Also you will be shown how to get an international master card which U will use to withdraw your earned money here in Nigeria.
-Are you interested in setting up your own websites within 3hours? Yes it is possible to set up your own blog or websites, our manual will show you how to do that as well.
-You have a business, but needs capital to start up your business today. Yes, you can get loan without collateral, once u can prove to the lenders, how u can repay the loan within a short time after making profit.
-You have a business name and you haven’t yet registered it, and you wish to register it today, let us know so we help u on doing that within 2 weeks. You CAC certificate will be delivered to your doorstep as well.
-Are You interested in running a bulksms business? If yes, let us know, we will show u how to own a bulksms website today, how to market and get customers today. Many churches, organizations needs sms broadcast today.
All these manuals and still counting are in our digital library, order any of them today. U can contact us today on advice on how to start up your own business today.
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Gsm Phone Numbers of Nigeria by LGA and by States

We have active Gsm Phone numbers of all states, Local Government in Nigeria, arranged in way that you can use them to send sms. Let us know the local government you want and we shall sort it out from our database and send them to you. We sale each phone number at N1.00. All the active numbers are collated from all Gsm networks, such as MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT, VISAFONE.

Own a Bulksms Website


Hurry while offer lasts.!!!
Make money by owning a Bulksms website, let's set up a bulksms website for U. Make up to 50k per month selling bulksms to your buyers. Church, politicians are in need of bulksms gateway. Let's set up one for U today.


-One time fee of N10,000, which covers Bulksms website setup.
– A free website + hosting Account, customized to ur own name. Example;
– U can credit ur customers account just with ur Blackberry phone or via your created website.
– Advertise other business online with ur Bulksms website and drag traffic to ur bulksms website.
– A bulksms reseller Guide/instructions.
– the Bulksms system can be managed by newbie, u don't need to be a techie, because it is going to be built up for u as a content management system.
– You shall be entitled to upto 10 customised Email accounts.
– You buy from us at 90kobo and sale at 1.50kobo or more.

Hurry up while offer lasts, once payment is made, bulksms website will be setup for u within 3days. All this offer very affordable at the amount of N10,000.

NOTE: *Election is around the corner, so make it big this time. Just sit at home and make money, no struggles and hassles*.
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Why small & Medium Businesses needs a website

Quite a number of small business owners believe they do not need a website for their business since they conduct their business offline. Some believe they will decide to get a business when the business grows bigger, not realizing this is a wrong notion to have. Serious business owners never underestimate the power of the internet because they understand the implications of not being online. A lot of business owners too assume having a Facebook fan page is enough. This is important to social marketing but still, you need a real website because you’re probably losing potential customers without knowing it. If you are trying to minimize expenses or not willing to pay a developer, there are options and you can still get a free website for your business though it’s better to go all out and get a website fully paid for.

Here are 7 solid reasons why you should have a website for your business:
1. Create a good first impression They say first impression is the last impression. A professional looking business website says a lot about you and it aids your business in a lot of ways. Imaging handing your business card over to someone: The simple presence of a website gives your business a professional outlook even without the person checking the website already. It gives you credibility.
2. Customers expect to find you online In this modern age where almost everything imaginable can be found online, most customers expect to find you and your business on the internet. A customer who forgets your real address but remembers your business name may decide to run a Google search, hoping to find your website with that. Personally, I prefer dealing with businesses with functional websites and so does a lot of people.
3. Improve customer service Operating a business isn’t just about buying and selling, it’s more about relationships. The major way to keep relationships is staying in contact and a website for your business is a great platform to do that. A “Contact Us” page on your website can help you in a lot of ways.
4. Improve competitive advantage Look around you and you will find a great deal of your competitors operating exactly your kind of business having a website. You need to move ahead with the latest trend or be left behind.
5. Increase sales Whether you’re operating a small website or a large one, sales is never enough and a website for that business is one of the best ways to increase sales. You’re wondering how? With the rise of eCommerce over the years, lots of business now are based fully online, making buying and selling extremely easy for customers. Even if you’re only offering services and not really selling goods, a website is a good place to announce discounts, display your service or portfolio (if you have one), convince new clients to work with you, and so on.
6. Cost effective advertising Where else do you have the opportunity to advertise your business they way you want other than your website? Even if you have a functional Facebook fan page or a Twitter account for your business, there’s a limit to what you can talk about but a website of your own that is well integrated with a Content Management System (CMS) is a good way to advertise your new products, new arrivals or showcase completed jobs to impress potential customers.
7. Operate your business 24 hours a day! With your website available 24 hours a day, it’s like having a front office that’s reachable all the time. Customers can reach you through your website even while you’re business snoring on your bed.